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Cake Server

$24.00 $13.90

About this item:

  • The Serving Your Guests Deserve

The cake server by RFAQK is exceptional in slicing and serving the cake to your guests. With a comfortable grip and easy handling, you can slice the cake smoothly and pour it into the plate for serving your loved ones.

  • The Quality You Deserve

Among other cake servers, the RFAQK 10-inch cake server is easy to hold and use. It has a perfect height and weight of 100g, and the top-quality stainless steel makes the cake server classier and more durable. The shiny steel with a firm grip makes it easy for you to use it. It is unbreakable and holds the cake firmly during serving.

  • Hold Like a Maestro With Plastic Grip

RFAQK focuses on creating user-friendly and creative products for their customers for years. With the ideal weight of 100g, and a firm plastic handle this cake server is best for holding and quick serving. The steel cake server will help you to serve the cake to your loved ones in no time. Cut serve and enjoy the party.

  • Dishwasher Safe Cleaning

The RFAQK Cake Server is completely dishwasher safe and supports safe and sound usage. The shiny stainless steel will not allow the residue to stick to the blade. The shiny surface will give you a spotless server to cut and serve again.

  • Don’t Worry, We are Behind You

The technical and customer support staff of RFAQK is active for everyone. You can contact them for your queries and they will assist you ASAP. Just drop an email to them and they will get back to entertain your issues.

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Stainless Steel Material, Rust Resistant, and Non-Bendable Makes Life More Easier

The Cake server is purely made of stainless steel to provide you the comfort and ease in serving. The blade is sturdy and non-bendable which helps you to cut and serve in minutes. The shiny surface of the blade is anti-rust and you will get a shiny sturdy server every time you use it.


This Multifunctional Cake Server is a Life Saver

The multipurpose cake server is a game changer and you can serve lots of desserts and eatables with it. The steel server is unbreakable and holds heavy items on it without any issue. Take this to your party and serve whatever you want to your loved ones.

Say No to Tricky Cleaning, Grab this Dishwasher safe Cleaning Server

Unlike other materials, this cake server is easy to clean and use. It is 100% dishwasher safe and its polished steel surface makes it easy for you to wash and clean the server. Just place it under the regular water and the leftover is cleaned properly from the surface. The cake server is ready to serve the cake again.

Got any Issues, Don't worry the Technical Support Staff is here for you

Unlike other products, the cake server has a strong steel material that is unbreakable and long-lasting. But if you feel any issues while using the server then you can contact the technical support staff. They are super active and replies your email within 24 hrs. Just drop an email in case of any issue and the team will get back to you shortly.