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About Us

RFAQK takes credit as a Beginner's Cake Brand, which is altogether good enough to make you professional with LESS effort, MORE technique and BETTER tools. From wide range of cake baking and decorating tools to super-secret recipes and tricks, your favorite brand has everything to settle sweet tooth at home.

RFAQK in Numbers on Amazon

  • 1 Million+ Cake Decorating Kits Sold
  • Over 4.5 Ratings All Across
  • Accumulative 50,000+ Ratings

Cake Decorating Tools

The Science and Art of the Cake World, Decorating is the trickiest by far. That is when RFAQK jumps in to rescue with its Cake Decorating Tools for Beginners and Professionals. From Cake Turntable to All sorts of Tips, your favorite cake brand never leaves you in middle of nowhere.

RFAQK's Cake Decorating Kit for all skill level solves as ever-lasting issue of buying different tools from here and there - it brings all that you need in one place.


Nothing feels as satisfying as a perfectly baked moist cake - Have you ever thought what makes these cakes flawless in the first place? Simple, your baking perfection is directly proportional to the quality of your bakeware sets.

RFAQK with its variety of cake baking sets and tools ensures non-stickiness and evenly baking throughout. The best part, RFAQK bakeware sets are heat resistant to 450o, which gracefully fulfills the modern-day baking needs.

What our Customers Say!

Great for beginners. We felt like master Chefs

Leah Jones

Satisfied Customer

Super convenient and easy to use. It was my first time ever making a layer cake.

Manelia H

Satisfied Customer

I love that all of the essentials come in one box and having the turntable is a game-changer. Good quality product.


Satisfied Customer