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Cake Leveler

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About this item::

  • Cake Leveler with Grip Handle: This best cake leveler has a rubber handle that makes it easy to hold and comfortable to use. The non-slip design ensures a safe and secure grip so you don't slip and lose control when you're cutting thick items.
  • Just Hold it and Cut: The super sharp edge slices through cakes like butter and leaves perfectly sized portions. Tap it into your cake and level it in no time – the unique wire design is sturdy and reliable. 
  • Level out your baking skills: The RFAQK cake leveler gives you precision and accuracy when cutting your cakes and pastries. It is adjustable and numbered so you can cut your cake with accuracy. 
  • Evenly Sliced Cake every time: This cake leveler will make your fondant cakes flawless. You can cut straight down the middle of the cake and it will be totally level.
  • Clean and easy to care forIt is the perfect tool for both the home baker as well as the professional baker. Dishwasher safe. Easy to clean and hygienic for a better result when cutting cake layers.

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Simply pull and the cake is scored without any scraping or sawing!!

Don't you hate it when your cake has a hill on one side or an angle? It ruins the whole look. The adjustable and numbered RFAQK cake leveler is the answer you've been wishing for! The secret is in its innovative design. It prevents getting hurt by sharp carving knives and no more waste of food. Our cake leveler makes that not only easier, but safer.

Be your own Picasso with a perfectly level cake every time.

Does your cake shrink, collapse or turn out lopsided? This leveler works well to level out cakes without the use of rotating cake stands. The way the wire fit is super simple. It's definitely going to come in handy when making those bigger 9-inch layer cakes where the cake needs to settle out before doing more layers or if you're just trying to get a perfectly flat surface on your bakery cakes.

No more tearing your frosting or cake as you try to meet the perfect cut.

The extra-sharp blade glides through your cake like butter. This professional cake leveler is made of stainless steel and accommodates cakes of a range of sizes and shapes, from the simplest tier to the tallest sheet cake. It will eliminate the headache of always trying to cut even pieces for everyone. The CAKE LEVELER wire is perfect for anyone who loves to bake but hates the key problem of their beautifully baked cakes being lopsided. 

Bring your pastry game up to a professional level

The worst thing about making beautiful cakes is having to make sure all your layers are uniform when it comes to icing. Yes, you can do this with a knife, but this carries the risk of ruining your cake. Using a cake leveler to cut accurately is another option, but what is a cake leveler, and how to use a cake leveler? To begin, measure the height of the leveler from the bottom upward. Edge the cake while placing the wire into notches at the desired height. It's easy as pie!