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Silicone Mat Pink

$35.00 $25.00

About this item:

  • The Magical Mat for Your Kitchen

The silicone mat pink by RFAQK is an ideal product for your kitchenette. The mat is thick and has a strong grip that allows easy and comfortable usage. The anti-spill mat avoids spilling and saves you from the unwanted mess. The mat is wrapped nicely into a zip lock bag that prevents damage and gives you a secure place to store it after use.

  • 100% Food Grade Silicone Mat

Unlike similar products, the RFAQK 27-inch silicone mat is 100% food grade and heat resistant. It is completely safe to use and can withstand temperatures up to 446F. You can use it in the kitchen without any hesitation and it will not mold its shape. All you need in life is this silicone mat to cook healthily for your loved ones.

  • The Flexible Surface Protector

The RFAQK silicone mat is super flexible and you can roll and twist it according to your need. Roll this flexible mat and take it with you wherever you want. It holds the surface smoothly and the thick silicone will be intact for helping you to finish the work on time.

  • The Multitasker Silicone Mat

The RFAQK silicone mat is an all-rounder. You can use it on multiple occasions quite easily. You can use it in the kitchen, dining table, refrigerator, desk, mascot, under a bowl, and for DIY projects. With the premium quality material, you can use it freely according to your desire. Grab this incredible mat and increase your productivity.

  • Non-Stick Dishwasher Safe Silicone

The silicone mat of RFAQK is purely non-stick and does not stick to any surface. It allows a firm grip and it is easy to handle and clean too. The product is 100% dishwasher safe and you can clean it properly with slightly warm water. Leftovers like resins, glue, colors, etc are easily peeled off after getting dry on the mat. Dry the silicone mat after cleaning and it is ready to use again.

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The Ultimate Heat Resistant Silicone Mat 

Among all the existing products this silicone mat is heat resistant and withstand high temperature. You can comfortably use it for cooking and baking and it will not lose its original shape. This mat can bear temperatures up to 446F which is excellent. Get this product and cook whatever you want.

Forget about Stains With This Stain Resistant Silicone Mat

Stains are a nightmare for everyone and nobody wants them at any cost. Don't worry the RFAQK silicone mat is stain resistant and you can peel off the resins, glue, and paint once dry. For food stains, you have to wash the mat with mild hot water for better results. Dry the mat after cleaning and you are good to go.

Thicker, Softer, and Sticky Silicone Mat

Unlike other thin, hard, and non-sticky products, this silicone mat is thick, soft, and sticky. You can place it on any surface to hold the object and it will keep the object intact. You can use it for holding a bowl, dish, dessert, and whatever you like. Get this amazing silicone mat and make your life easy peasy.

The Dishwasher Safe Silicone Mat Got Your Back

The silicone mat is dishwasher safe and you can clean the residue quite comfortably. It allows fast cleaning and do not contain any toxic material in it. It is completely safe and you can use it at multiple places for multiple uses.