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Set of 7 Pc Icing Scrapers

$33.00 $13.90

About this item:

  • The Immaculate Shaping Tool

Icing scrapers by RFAQK are ideal for shaping up your cake. Beginners can easily use and lift their baking and decorating game by using these unconventional scrapers. The 7 Pc RFAQK scrapping kit contains two 5 inches and 4 inches scrapers, with 3-inch and 5-inch scrapers enclosed in an OPP bag. Get this amazing scrapping kit and start decorating freely.

  • The Ideal Size Scrapers

The icing scrapers are a blessing for newbies. The 11-inch scraper is ideal for handling big cakes with a nice grip for transferring the cake from one place to another comfortably. The food-grade plastic is durable and safe to use. Just unbox the scraping set and enhance your skills.

  • Smooth and Perfect Carving

The 7 pc icing scrapers by RFAQK are extremely durable and long-lasting. The different edges and shapes will give you multiple options to embellish your cake. The edges will not break or mold and you can use them without any fear. Just pick your desired shape and carve a perfect design on your cake smoothly.

  • Effortless Dough Stirring & Scraping

The RFAQK icing scrapers have multi-purpose usage and you can use them on multiple eatables. It is ideal for stirring the dough, icing fondant cakes, chopping cream, petal paste, and sugar paste comfortably. Decorate your favorite desserts like a pro and rock the party.

  • Dishwasher Safe Cleaning

The icing scrapers are completely food-grade and dishwasher-safe. Clean them within minutes and re-use them respectively. Place the scrapers under regular or warm water after using them. The leftover on the scrapers will wash away, dry them and you are good to go.


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Put the Cake on Plate, Rotate it, and Shape it

The icing scrapers are a trendy product and make icing super easy for millions of individuals worldwide. The scraping set has different shapes in it. Just put the cake on the top of the stand, slowly rotate the cake, and use your favorite design to smoothly shape your cake. The wavy pattern cake is all set to add spark to the party.


Replace your Broken Scrapers with Food Grade Plastic Scrapers

Unlike other products, the RFAQK icing scrapers have unmatchable quality. The food-grade plastic makes them highly durable and sturdy. The edges will not break easily and they will remain intact without losing their original shape. They are safe to easy and do not contain toxic material by any means. Enjoy healthy eating with your friends and family.


Bake, Decorate, and Save the Dough Like a Pro!

The icing scrapers are a blessing for newbies because they are durable and save lots of time and effort. They are sturdy but beautifully carve the cake and clear the dough without residual. You can enhance your decorating skills without wasting anything. Grab your favorite design and start carving.


Comfortable Cleaning with Dishwasher Safety

The set of 7 pc icing scrapers are completely dishwasher safe and you can clean them with regular or warm water. The food-grade plastic is eco-friendly and you can use it without hesitation. Dry the icing scraper after washing and start decorating again.