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Set of 3 Large Icing Smoother Combs

$53.00 $11.55

About this item:

  • The Smooth Combs for Smooth Icing

The large icing smoother combs by RFAQK are beautiful and easy to use for perfect frosting. The set of 3 icing combs has a unique design on each piece that will aesthetically shape your cake. The quality is unmatchable and you will enjoy using this amazing product.

  • Eco-friendly, Safe, and Easy Icing

The set of 3 large RFAQK icing smoother combs is sturdy and ideal for baking and frosting. The 9 inches of icing smoothers are made of eco-friendly plastic with varying designs on both of its sides. The icing combs have a weight of 216g enclosed in a tight packing and prevent them from losing their original shape. Get this amazing product and enjoy icing your desired cake.

  • Perfect Alignment in Minutes

The RFAQK large icing smoother combs are exceptional and they are ideal for cake alignment. Multi-layer cakes need special care to avoid them from getting out of shape. The icing combs provide you with a fine shape through their unique design to make your event memorable.

  • Craft the Desired Texture Perfectly

The large icing smoother combs of RFAQK are ideal for crafting the cake delightfully. The combs have eco-friendly plastic and faultlessly carved textures on both sides. Get this remarkable product and give craft your desired texture.

  • Makes Cleaning Easier Than Before

The large icing combs are easy to handle and clean than other regular products. The eco-friendly plastic is easy to clean. Just put the comb under the water and wipe the dirt off. Dry it within minutes to start frosting again.

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Crafting the Multi-Layer Cake Like Never Before!

The large icing smoothers are a dream of every cake lover. They are durable and ideal for crafting multiple layers on your wedding cake. RFAQK icing smoother have a firm grip that allows you to roll smoothly over the cake without any issues. Get this wonderful product and start crafting to surprise your spouse at your wedding.


Hold, Clean, and Level the Cake Like a Pro!

Unlike other products, the RFAQK large icing combs hold and clean the cake nicely. You can level the cake during this cleaning and holding process without any error. Leveling the cake is fun with these amazing combs. You can perfectly level the cake with your desired pattern to present at the party.


Stripe, Edged, and Smooth Texture for Rocking your Event

The 3 pc large icing smoother combs by RFAQK are in huge demand due to their durability and functionality. The combs have varying textures and designs on both sides and you can use your favorite one. You can make edged, stripes, and smooth plain textures according to the theme of the event and enjoy.


Align your Cake Flawlessly With Large Icing Smoother

Cakes are yummy and if they are aligned perfectly, it is easy to cut and serve. The RFAQK icing smoother combs will help you to align your cake to avoid irregular shapes. Get this product and align the cake nicely to save your party.