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Set of 2 Cake Dusting Brush

$23.00 $11.90

About this item:

  • The Magic Brushes You All Want

Unlike other products, the set of 2 cake dusting brushes by RFAQK is all you want. The sturdy plastic handle with silver aluminum tube and nylon wool is perfect for embellishing your birthday cake. The dusting brushes are enclosed in a zip lock bag that ensures safety. 

  • Decorate perfectly with Soft Nylon Threads 

The cake dusting brush is a dream for all cake lovers worldwide. With a weight of 40g, the RFAQK dusting brushes have an ideal size of 5 inches and 6 inches respectively. The purple plastic handle will provide a perfect grip that will color and decorate your favorite cake. The soft nylon threads will give you every detail you want.

  • Say Hello to Edible Creations

The cake dusting brush is flawless for making your desired edible creations. The soft and sturdy nylon wool will help you to sprinkle the color on your favorite eatable. The threads remain intact and craft a clean design. The dusting brush of RFAQK also supports luster designing to fulfill your decorating goals.

  • Sprinkle Glitters on Multiple Eatables

The cake dusting brush is an all-rounder and you can use it for embellishing multiple eatables. You can sparkle glitters on cookies, cupcakes, fondant, pastries, and much more. You can make different textures and designs on multiple eatables for displaying at your birthday party.

  • Reusable with Seamless Cleaning

The RFAQK cake dusting brush is a stunning and reliable product that is easy to clean and handle. The nylon wool with aluminum silver tube is easy to clean and reuse. Just place the brush under the water and wash it thoroughly to use it again.


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Forget Stray Hairs, and Depict Your Edible Creations at The Party

Unlike other products, the cake dusting brush by RFAQK does not let shed hairs on eatables. Soft nylon wool will help you to make your dream edible creations without any mess. You can sprinkle glitter or your favorite color through this product. Get this amazing plastic brush and enjoy decorating.


Tired of Shedding Brushes, Try the Nylon Wool Dusting Brushes

Often, we see that during decoration the brush starts shedding or loses its shape. The upper part usually breaks and you have to buy a new one. The nylon wool brushes by RFAQK are ideal for crafting your favorite designs and colors. 


Sparkle Happiness on Cookies, Pastries, and Cakes with Aluminum Tube Dusting Brushes

The cake dusting brush is a multiple-purpose and you can use it for decorating and crafting multiple eateries. Add your favorite color glitter to the nylon wool and sprinkle it on cookies, pastries, cakes, cupcakes, fondants, and much more. Always use the colors according to the theme and have a blast on your special day.


Pinch, Twist, and Wash the Cake Dusting Brush Without Any Fear

The all-new RFAQK cake dusting brush is durable and easy to handle and clean. You can pinch it, twist it, or wash it freely without any fear. The color or glitter will be clean and the brush is ready to use again.