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Non Stick Square Pan


About this item:

  • No Hot Spots, Uniform Baking: If you're looking for a pan that browns evenly and effectively, this Rfaqk square pan made with thick carbon steel will make your cake bake faster and cook perfectly.
  • Standard Sized, Economical Pan: This non-stick 7 inches square cake pan with thickness of 0.04mm is the perfect choice for either commercial or non-commercial baking. With its dimensions of 22.7*5cm, this pan can bake brownies that are sure to impress.
  • Crispy outside and moist inside: Carbon steel is a naturally moisture-resistant and heat-resistant material. Carbon steel pans develop a layer of polymerized oils over time, which helps prevent rust and retain moisture during baking.
  • No waste, just perfect creations: Even if you use it regularly, you won't need to worry about it peeling, cracking, or scratching. Makes perfect signature cakes for weddings, parties, and other occasions.
  • Simple release and lift: While other brands require you to scrub hard and use chemical products, choose RFAQK’s best bakeware for your baking convenience as it is dishwasher friendly and easy to clean.

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No agony, just an enjoyable cake! 

Now you can bake without using any grease whatsoever. When your brownies sticks to the bottom of the pan, we understand how frustrating this can be. To solve your brownie sticking problem, we designed this sturdy square pan. Besides its heavy-duty carbon steel construction, the nonstick finish on the inside ensures that food will not stick to it. Whether you're making your favorite carrot cake or some decadent brownies, this pan is sure to help you create delicious treats time after time.

Don't let hot spots, dry spots, and crispy edges ruin your holiday baking! 

The pan ensures uniform baking. This pan is made of thick carbon steel material that measures 0.4mm in thickness, giving it perfect heat distribution. It also boasts a non-stick coating that's heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Give your cake height for a stunning presentation that makes it look more professional. Carbon steel heats evenly and retains moisture more effectively than other materials, which makes RFAQK square cake pans ideal.

More room for cake mix, more room for frosting

You may be thinking that all carbon steel pans are the same. Its different with RFAQK square pans. It's not about saving a few dollars or finding the best price. It's about making a wise investment. The sides of the pan are wider than other brands and allow space for your recipe to rise without overflow. The wider sides also make slicing easier, because the cake comes out cleaner without crumbling or cracking all over the place. Cover more surface area of the pan by placing small food items closer together, compared to traditional round pans.

Who wouldn't want a square pan that bakes in a flash?!!

The Carbon Steel with unrivaled durability and performance, these will last you for years. So why not give them a try today? Unlike other brands of square cake pans, our carbon steel core conducts heat quickly, increasing efficiency and reducing baking time. We've designed the square pan to have great results without fail. When you're baking a cake, there's only one thing that counts: making sure it comes out exactly right.