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Non Stick Bundt Pan (9 inches)


About this item:

  • Fits any size dessert: Non stick bundt pan by RFAQK boasts a dimension of 26*6.5 cm, ensuring even heating. This item allows you to make any size of desserts easily. At 9 inches in diameter this is a good size that allows you to fulfill many needs within your kitchen space or bakeries.
  • Cooks easily and sets quickly: This carbon steel Bundt pan distributes heat evenly for even baking and browning. Strong enough to support a tall cake loaded with blueberries or a beautiful bakery style cake that sets quickly and you can serve immediately.
  • Easy release, Nonstick finish: Pour in your batter, shake a little, bake some brownies – and you'll see for yourself why this is something special. This Non Stick Bundt Pan by RFAQK is a unique innovation.
  • Perfect for cakes, breads, mousses, and more: Bake ANYTHING with this revolutionary Non-Stick Bundt Pan by RFAQK whether it is your Grandma's famous recipe or a new family favorite that your children begged you to try. 
  • Effortless cleaning: Cleaning becomes a breeze as you can simply take a damp cloth to wipe off baked residues. No matter how you clean it, the nonstick coating on this bundt pan will not rust or corrode for a long time.

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No need for Non-Stick Sprays, Just Dump In Your Batter, Swirl and Bake!!

Have spent much time and money on baking your favorite cake with greasing the baking tin and still end up with the cakes stuck to the bakeware? It's heartbreaking, we know. The Non Stick Bundt Pan by RFAQK is crafted from carbon steel and which means that you can enjoy your tasty treats without the need of using sprays or coatings to protect it.

Offering vintage nostalgia using modern materials!

Non-stick bakeware has come a long way in the last few years. But nothing really beats the classic. You will encounter no issues or problems while baking with our Non Stick Bundt Pans due to their expert design and high quality. The high quality production and design of this tool make it a great tool that you can use for many years without having to worry about it breaking down.

Stress free baking and stress free bundt cakes!

Baking and frosting a cake shouldn't be a trauma – Which is why we created RFAQK bundt pan – It's the perfect choice for anyone who doesn't have time to make fondant decorations. This super-sleek pan makes it simple to craft a Bundt cake with a professional look. This versatile design allows you to create cakes that look extravagant.

Non-Stick Bundt Pan provides easy, non-toxic, and delicious baking!

We know baking is an art which requires lots of patience, creativity and practice. It's frustrating to taste the metallic taste in your mouth after all the hard work. This bundt pan is constructed with Carbon Steel, which conducts heat at an optimal temperature, so it will not melt, warp, or discolor your cake. Plus it's completely free of chemicals and bleaches.