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Non Stick 12 Slots Cupcake Tray

$63.99 $54.92

About this item

  • Have a big party? Make a bunch: Just swap your old small cupcake tray that takes forever to bake a big bunch for a big party. All you need is this large non stick 12 slots cupcake baking tray and finish baking in just 30-45 minutes.
  • The quality you deserve: This innovative non-stick baking tool has the quality you deserve. Due to its high quality carbon steel construction, it provides a sturdy, heat-resistant, nonstick, long-lasting, durable, and damage-resistant foundation.
  • Go-to pan in the kitchen: Not only a cupcake tray, you can also make crown muffins, cute little lemon tarts and a healthy and delicious breakfast egg muffins and it will not absorb food flavor. The baked food won't stick to the surface.
  • Ensures even browning: Even browning makes your cupcakes crusty and delicious. Oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can bring out all the best flavor from the food.
  • Hassle free, easy to clean: Your cupcakes are mess free, no-stain masterpiece of delight. Oh, and these trays are made from super sturdy carbon steel which are dishwasher proof. So they are easy to clean as well. What more could you want?

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Designed for bakers to bring crown muffins back to a bland world.

Whether you are planning a party or want to treat your family, making cupcakes during the holidays is one of the most enjoyable events because of the good aroma and sweet flavor that excites your taste. Sturdy construction makes them durable enough to use again and again with no damage or wear , nonstick surface allows you to scoop cupcakes out of the pans with ease.

Do not throw away perfectly good batter because your cupcake tray is not big enough.

The process of managing time in the kitchen while baking or making several batches at the same time can often lead to an accident and quite a mess, even resulting in damage to your kitchen utensils. Say goodbye to using multiple trays and instead turn to the carbon steel non stick baking pan. You can make plenty of goodies at the same time with this baking pan, which has 12 separate slots.

Your bakeware just got better – with no nasty chemicals or health problems

RFAQK baking essentials are 100% natural, toxin-free and let you make superior quality cakes without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Our 12-slot cupcake tin is made from carbon steel, which means it's super strong without being coated in anything toxic. Why not try it out for yourself? You'll be happy you did.

Reliable materials and fine workmanship with excellent performance

With the help of our Non-Stick 12 Slots Cupcake Tray, you can transform your culinary efforts into an aesthetically pleasing treat. All thanks to its soft touch non stick coating and rounded edges, so your cupcakes will stay in place at all times. Non-slip feet keep the tray sturdy and balanced. Flexible, nonstick coating allows for easy release of cupcakes. The carbon steel pan heats quickly and evenly for even baking and browning. The coating is also dishwasher safe.