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Melamine Cake Stand (Mint Green 11)



  • The ideal size you want

The all-new RFAQK cake stand is a baker's dream and blessing for newbies. The unique composition of this 11-inch cake stand makes it more suitable for holding different-sized cakes. The durability is unmatchable and it is an ideal product for decorating your birthday cake.  

  • The Quality Everyone Dream For

The RFAQK cake stand is composed of sturdy melamine that has an unmatchable quality. The melamine is completely food grade and BPA free which ensures safe and healthy baking. The perfect 11-inch stand holds the cake seamlessly for icing and serving to your friends and family.

  • Fluted Base with Multiple Shades

Unlike other products, the fluted base provides more stability and lets you decorate the cake quite comfortably. RFAQK is offering multiple shade cake stands and allows you to make your dining table more colorful and presentable. Pick your favorite color and serve whatever you want.

  • Add Life to Every Event

The melamine cake stand by RFAQK is perfect for various occasions. From a birthday party to a baby shower, a wedding party to a graduation party, none of them is complete without this outstanding product. The cool laid back style of the stand is perfect for multiple occasions.

  • Shatterproof, Easy Cleaning

Your cakes and muffins should be clean and stain-free. The shatterproof melamine is easy to clean and does not break at all. Splash with the regular water and you will get a spotless and stain-free melamine plate in no time. Dry and start baking again.

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Make Your Dessert Table Appealing With The Purple Melamine

The dessert table is always the center of attraction for everyone at the party. RFAQK is producing top-notch cake stands with a variety of striking colors. The purple melamine stand is attractive and ideal for adding charm to your dessert table. You can pick your desired color according to the theme and add spark to your party.

Replace the Old Fashioned Plates with the Stylish Melamine cake stand

It is time to say goodbye to the old-fashioned trends just replace them with the new and stylish cake stands. There are lots of stylish and attractive cake stands available in the market. Unlike others, this unique and elegant design will add colors to the center table. Place your fondant cake on the top of the stand and let the party begin.

Shatterproof Melamine For Quick & Spotless Cleaning

The Melamine cake stand is easy to use and clean as compared to other stands. The sturdy melamine is not breakable easily and you can wash it thoroughly. Just remove the upper plate and place it under regular water. Attach the plate with the base and the stand is ready to use again.


The Perfect Size for Perfect Events

The Melamine cake stand has an ideal dimension of 11 inches in height. The size is ideal for decorating different eatables with a perfect height that everybody can look at it. You can use it at your birthday party, graduation ceremony, baby showers, and much more. Add this beautiful cake stand to your event and make it memorable.