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Large Icing Smoother

$43.00 $9.90

About this item:

  • Decorating is fun with Icing Smoother

The large icing smoother by RFAQK is more durable and long-lasting than existing products. Decorate the sides and top of the cake like a pro with the innovative large icing smoother. Just pick it up and decorate your birthday cake like a pro.

  • The Quality You Won't Get Anywhere

The stainless steel icing smoother of RFAQK has an unmatchable quality that no one is offering. The 430 stainless steel is a top-notch material that does not bend nor loses its shape. It is approximately 6 inches long with a beautiful handle at the back. Get this beautiful stainless steel smoother and start embellishing your desired eatables.

  • Easy handling with PP Handle

The RFAQK large icing smoother is trendy and a treat for all cake lovers. With the shiny stainless steel and a black PP to handle at the back, you can carve the tricky pattern easily. Just take out the smoother hold it and start icing your cake like professionals.

  • Cut Dough, Cookies, Veggies, and Much More

The stainless steel icing smoother of RFAQK will give you an all-in-one experience that no other existing product is capable of. With the 430 stainless steel, you can cut the cookies, dough, and vegetables to perfection quite easily. Get this versatile product and use it to the fullest.

  • Clean it Within a Minute

The large icing smoother has a premium 430 stainless steel with a shiny surface that is ideal for scrapping. The steel is extremely durable and cannot lose its original shape easily. Clean the smoother with regular water and use it again.

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Place the Cake on Stand, Rotate and Smooth it as you Want

The RFAQK 430 stainless steel icing smoother is extremely durable and you can decorate the cake seamlessly. The PP handle will give a strong grip to roll the smoother over the cake without any mess. Get this outstanding icing smoother and add spark to your party.


Cut Veggies, Bread, and Cookies with Icing Smoother and Forget the Rest

The large icing smoother is incredibly versatile and you can use it for varying purposes. Apart from icing, you can cut veggies, cookies, bread, and dough with this RFAQK steel icing smoother. It is extremely durable and will help you in the kitchen. Take out this amazing smoother and happy baking.


Say No To Irregular Shaped Icing Smoothers!

Unlike other products, the stainless steel icing smoother of RFAQK does not get out of shape. You can use it freely for multiple eatables and it will do the job for you nicely. Dump all the irregular-shaped smoothers and use this product to increase your productivity.


Cleaning The Icing Smoothers Was Not That Easy Before!

The large icing smoother by RFAQK is one of a kind and it is a multi-purpose use. You can use it on multiple items with a strong grip and clean them within minutes. The shiny surface of the steel will help you to clean the residue in no time. Just place it under the water, dry it after cleaning and start using it again.