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Cake Lifter

$34.00 $12.90

About this item:

  • Lift your Cake Like a Pro

The RFAQK cake lifter is a blessing for all cake lovers around the world. The strong steel edge of the lifter transfers the cake easily without any damage. The strong grip allows the safe transfer from one dish to another. Lift the cake and serve your valued guests.

  • Endure Big Cakes with a Comfortable Grip

Unlike other products, the quality of the RFAQK cake lifter is extremely high. The 430 stainless steel is a strong and long-lasting material that does not bend or lose its original form easily. This 9-inch cake lifer is ideal for handling big cakes and transferring them easily from one place to another.

  • Protect Cake Layers with Rubber Plastic Handle

The cake lifter by RFAQK has a comfortable grip that will help you to use it more conveniently. The beautiful purple rubber plastic grip provides maximum stability while transferring the cake for icing. The slim steel edge will go beneath the surface and lift the cake easily without damaging cake layers. Lift, decorate, and serve the multi-layered cake to your guests.

  • Gather All the Ingredients in One Place

The stainless steel cake lifter of RFAQK is an all-in-one product. Apart from lifting the cake, you can roll pie dough on it, cut veggies, roll pizza dough, cut bread, and much more with this multi-purpose product. You can gather all the spices and ingredients on the cake lifter and enjoy saving your time.

  • Dishwasher Safe with Effortless Cleaning

The cake lifter is a top-quality product of RFAQK and it is super easy to use. It is 100% dishwasher safe and you clean it with regular water under the tap. Clean it, dry it, and lift the cake again.

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Lifting the Cake is Fun with a Thin and Sturdy Cake Lifter

Unlike other products, this RFAQK cake lifter is fun and user-friendly. The stainless steel cake lifter is durable and works accurately. It is thin and sturdy and does not damage the cake while transferring. Use this amazing product to enhance your baking game.


Avoid Old Lifters, Reduce Layer Cracking with Stainless Steel Cake Lifter

The cake lifter is ideal for handling big cakes with its premium quality. The 430 stainless steel cake lifter by RFAQK has a slim edge at the front that goes perfectly under the big cakes. The rubber plastic handle will give you a strong grip to lift the cake without damaging its layers. 


Cut and Gather Ingredients with Multipurpose Cake Lifter for Varying Recipes

The multi-purpose RFAQK cake lifter is a lifesaver for all baking lovers around the world. You can roll pizza dough, pie dough, cookie dough, cut bread, cut veggies, cut fruits, and much more on this cake lifter. Take out the lifter and gather all the ingredients on it during baking to save time. 


Clean in Minutes and Enjoy Lifting your Cake Again

The RFAQK cake lifter is user-friendly and helps you to work comfortably and quickly as compared to the existing products. It is 100% dishwasher safe and you can clean it easily. Place the product under the water and clean it in no time. Dry it and you are good to go.