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Cake Collar 4 Inches

$19.00 $11.89

About this item:

  • The perfect Cake Collar 

Unlike other baking products, Cake Collar is trending and helps individuals to experience the ultimate baking experience. The cake collar has a roll of perfectly wrapped acetate sheets that you can use for layering your cake. Use the collar and add the desired layers to your cake.

  • Perfect Layering with PET Cake Collar 

With the given dimension and weight of about 5-inches and 320g, the PET cake collar is ideal for layering your cake. The PET is a strong and thick sheet that holds the cake firmly and prevents the layers to fall. Just put on the collar, make a yummy cake, and amaze your guests at the dining table.

  • Non-Toxic & Heat Resistant Collar

Unlike materials, PET is extremely durable and thick. It is completely non-toxic and withstands temperatures up to 60c. The acetate sheet is clear and you can see the cake layers easily from the outside. Just remove the sheet around the cake and serve your loved ones.

  • The All-in-One Cake Collar

The all-in-one cake collar allows you to make and decorate other eateries like mousse, chocolate pastries, etc. They are also available in 6 inches and 8 inches for adding more and big layers to your cake.

  • Protection with Innovation

The PET cake collars are durable and completely safe to use. The surface of the acetate sheets is smooth and you can easily remove them from the cake without damaging them. You can try different layers with this sheet to add more variety to the menu.

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Forget the Rest, Stack the Cake with this Incredible Cake Collar

Numerous baking items are readily accessible on the internet and you can get them quite comfortably. If you are into baking then this cake collar is perfect for you. The Cake collar will stack your cake perfectly and give proper layers to it. Ignore all the products and use this cake collar to bake whatever you want.


Try this Cake Collar for a Sturdy and Perfectly Shaped Cake

Unlike other products, this cake collar has a premium quality and you can shape your cake as per your desire. The cake collar is sturdy and ensures the stability of the layers to make your birthday unforgettable.


Waste the Thin sheets, Use Thick and Smooth PET Cake Collars

Making a layered cake is an art and it requires a great determination as well. Just waste all of the thin sheets that can spoil your cake. Get this thick, smooth, and clear PET cake collar for a strong grip. The acetone sheets are completely transparent and you can see the layers


Go to the Party with your Cake, The Intact PET Cake Collar Will Save your Day 

Well, if you want to go to the party with your hand-made cake for your loved ones and are afraid of spoiling the cake. Don't worry the PET cake collar will keep the cake intact with its thick and smooth surface. You can easily peel off the acetate layer with your bare hands without spoiling the cake. Take the yummy cake with you and surprise everyone.