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4 Pcs Sugar Stir Needle Scriber


About this item:

  • Start Magic With Sugar Icing Needles

The set of RFAQK 4 pcs sugar stir needle scriber is ideal for icing at small and uneven places where you can not reach easily. The needles have a smooth grip and durable needle that can do wonders for you while decorating. The colorful needles play a major role in icing cakes and cookies. 

  • 5.2 Inch Needles With Hook & Hole

The RFAQK colorful needle scriber is all you want for decorating and shaping your cake. With the hole and hook in the needle, these 5.2 inches needles weigh 26g which is easy to store and carry. The stainless steel needle will not bend easily and decorate the minor areas as you want.

  • Fill Out the Small Places Perfectly

The sugar stir needle scriber by RFAQK is immaculate to cover up the small openings on your cake and cookies. The needle with hook is ideal for frosting your birthday cake. The plastic handle gives you a soft and comfortable grip to help you decorate whatever you want.

  • Outline Your Cake As you Mean It

The sugar stir needle scriber of RFAQK is exemplary for adding minimal details to your cake and pastries. The needle will help you to exert your imagination on the cake. The needle allows you to make multiple textures and carve your favorite minimal creations on your birthday cake to make the party unforgettable.

  • Stir the Syrup With Sturdy Needles

Unlike other products, the sugar stir needle scriber by RFAQK allows you to stir the sugar perfectly and shape your cake as you want. Use the color you like and craft a stunning border around your birthday cake.


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Don't Let the Rust Dull the Sparkle of Your Birthday Cake

Unlike other products, the sugar stir needle scriber by RFAQK does not get rusted and decorates your cake and cookies adequately. The straight stainless steel needle will provide you maximum detailing for your desert with its hole and hook at the top. Forget the rustic needles and enjoy icing with the outstanding needle scriber.


Clear the Borders from Extra Icing Through this Needle Scriber

The sugar stir needle scriber is specifically made to cover to cover up the small opening of your cake. You can do icing on the borders of the cake and it also allows you to remove extra icing from the borders seamlessly. Get this amazing product to enhance your icing game.


Add Miniature Details To Your Wedding Cake

When it comes to detailing and finishing no one can match the level of RFAQK sugar stir needle scriber. You can add details to your cake, cookies, coffee, and much more. You can add every minor detail or whatever you want to your wedding cake to amuse your spouse. Get this needle scriber and embrace every single detail on your cake.


Easy Peasy Grip With Perfect Texture and Details

The rubber grip on the RFAQK needle scriber will provide you with a firm grip that another existing product is offering. The comfortable grip will help you to stir the sugar and start icing your favorite eatable without any error. Get this outstanding product and craft whatever you want.