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3 Pcs Plastic Stencils

$24.00 $9.90

About this item:

  • Minimal Crafting Within Minutes

The 3 pc plastic stencils by RFAQK are durable and allow you to boost your creativity on multiple objects. Unlocked in a zip lock bag the product will remain safe and intact. The random designs will help you to boost your creativity to the maximum.

  • Top-Rated PET Stencils

With a dimension of 15-inch and a weight of 15 g, the RFAQK stencils are extremely durable with a thickness of 0.2mm. The high-quality translucent PET stencils are easy to use and handle. They did not get out of shape and were long-lasting. Grab these amazing plastic stencils and explore your art.

  • Moisture Resistant Plastic Stencils

Unlike other products, the PET plastic stencil set is moisture resistant. The water exposure will not damage it and make it out of shape by any means. The white translucent plastic will remain in shape and provide unstoppable fun.

  • The Adaptable Stencils

The plastic stencils by RFAQK are exceptionally versatile and provide lots of options to explore creativity. You can craft on paper, wood, fabric, stone, and tile. These plastic stencils are long-lasting and do not loses their shape. They are sturdy and easy to clean too. You can clean them and use them over and over again.

  • Randomly Picked Set of Stencils

 The most exciting thing about this product is that you will get randomly picked 3 pc plastic stencils enclosed in a ziplock bag. Every time you get this product you will get new and different stencils. Grab this unique product and ignite your art.

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Beware of the Wavy Stencils, Sturdy Plastic Stencils to the Rescue

Numerous products are available in the market that gets out of shape and turns wavy. The sturdy material of the 3 pc plastic stencils keeps the product intact and safe from damage. The white translucent PET stencils are ideal for crafting. Get this amazing product and start crafting.

Jagged Edges? Say No More! Scissor the Stencils as You Want

Unlike other products, the PET plastic stencils are durable and did not create a fuss. The stencils get jagged edges during cutting and lose their shape. But that's not the case with the 3 pc plastic stencils. You will get a proper shape and upon cutting you will get the clean edges without molding the product.

No Blockage, Wide Spacing, Perfect Carving, Jackpot!

While using existing products individuals did not get proper spacing for crafting and the sketch is almost blocked due to poor carving. The 3 pc plastic stencils are carved perfectly with vacant spaces and sturdy material that lifts your crafting game to new heights. Grab this amazing stencil set and start crafting.

Don't Let the Splash Interrupting your Creativity

PET white translucent plastic stencil is anti-moisture and does not make contact with the water. The moisture cannot spoil your crafting and you can craft whatever you want. It is easy to clean and reuse the stencil again. The thick and sturdy stencil will not lose its shape and does not break. Grab this amazing set of plastic stencils and forget about the moisture.