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3 Angled Spatulas (9,11,13 Inches)

$53.00 $13.90

About this item:

  • The Handy Angled Spatulas for You

The set of 3 Angled Spatulas by RFAQK is ideal for frosting and decorating cakes and other eatables as well. The angled spatulas are durable and work perfectly every time you use them. Decorate varying-sized cakes comfortably with the handy spatulas. Get this amazing product and enhance your icing skills.

  • Durability you Dream For

The RFAQK angled spatulas have top-notch quality and they are long-lasting as well. The stainless steel blade with a PP plastic handle provides a firm grip that decorates perfectly at unreachable angles. The spatulas with 9 inches, 11 inches, and 13 inches are perfect for decorating different size cakes for your event.

  • The Anti-Rust Angled Spatulas

The anti-rust angled spatulas by RFAQK are a blessing for all cake lovers. Unlike other products, these spatulas did not get rusted and pollute your food. The cake will remain clean and not get an unwanted taste and your cake will stay yummy.

  • Embellish Multiple Eatables with Scratchless Spatulas

The RFAQK angled spatula set of RFAQK is an all-in-one product that will help you to decorate multiple eateries. The sturdy spatulas are ideal for decorating cookies, cutting the cake into larger pieces, transferring the cake, icing the pastries, and much more. Use this amazing spatula set and set your party on fire.

  • Decorate Safely with Non-Toxic Angled Spatulas

The Angled Spatulas are completely safe for using and treating multiple eatables with safety. Unlike other products, the non-toxic RFAQK angled spatulas ensure safety while using. You can adorn different cakes and cookies without a single harmful particle on them. Get this amazing product and enjoy healthy eating.


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Say Goodbye to Scratchy Spatulas, Get these Scratchesless Spatulas for Decorating your Heart Out

The Angled Spatulas are specifically designed for icing yummy cakes and pastries. Unlike other products, the RFAQK stainless steel spatulas are scratchless and you can use them comfortably. Use the required spatula according to the size of the cake. Get this amazing set of spatula and decorate your heart out on the fresh yummy cake.


Easy Smoothing, and Serving with the Durable Stainless Steel Spatulas

The Angled Spatula from RFAQK is incredibly durable and you can use it seamlessly. The PP plastic handle with a steel blade smoothly adorns your cake and gives a fine finishing. You can cut the cake into larger pieces to serve your valuable guests. Get this product to decorate and serve the cake like a pro.


Grab the Anti-Rust Angled Spatulas for Spotless Icing

The anti-rust angled spatulas by RFAQK are perfect for smooth and spotless icing. Unlike other products, the anti-rust spatulas do not leave rust on your beautiful white cake. Grab this outstanding product for spotless icing to beautify your yummy birthday cake.


Cool Down the Hot Pans, With the Steel Angled Spatulas

The RFAQK Angled Spatulas are excellent for scrapping the residue from hot pans and cooling them down perfectly. The sturdy stainless steel blade will scrap the pan nicely and after washing you are ready to use the pan again.