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2 Aluminum Round Pans (7 Inches)


About this item:

  • Exactly the right size panWith dimensions of 16 x 7 x 14 cm, these pans are the perfect size for baking brownies or a small cake, or just heating leftover French fries. The 0.08mm thickness of these pans makes them a great choice for even cooking. Perfectly chewy and delicious desserts everytime!
  • Thicker, Smoother error-free baking: Since the anodizing process seals the aluminum's natural pores, the pan's surface will never be penetrated by sugar while baking. This is especially critical when baking delicate desserts, such as cakes and pastries.
  • Stacks well with high temperatures:  These 6 inch round cake pans are made of quality anodized aluminum that resists heat and maintains its shape even at high temperatures. The even heating allows for a better rise, and once the cakes are taken out of the oven, they cool immediately, which prevents over-baking and overly browning.
  • Safer baking surface for variety of food: Anodized aluminum cookware has a non-reactive nature, so you can bake everything from sweet to savory. This material is food grade, nontoxic, and biodegradable, which is health and environmental friendly.
  • Makes baking and cleanup a cinch: Anodized aluminum round cake pan resist flaking and rusting. It slides your cakes right out of the pan onto your plate and cleans up in seconds so you can get back to baking more.

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Turn it over, pop a little and it comes to rest on the wire rack!!

This two-piece aluminum cake pan set adds a new level of professional decorating options to your baking arsenal – while ensuring your cakes come out perfect every time. The standard round cake pan size of this product is gorgeous, well-crafted, and designed to last. The durable, thick and perfectly reinforced aluminum materials are remarkably easy to use and clean, leaving you with clean, quality cakes. 

Cakes will slide right off. No stickin', no stabbin', no scratchin'. Easy peasy.

Your quest for the best cakes pans is finally over. These round aluminum pans do not chip, Are very easy to clean and bake your cakes evenly without burning the bottom or sides. Also, heat dissipates faster than other non-stick coatings, keeping your cakes from getting overbaked or scorched. Every pan comes with a perfect size for most popular cake recipes, including 4 and 6 inch tier cake.

Cakes should be super-tasty, we make sure the pan doesn't add any undesirable flavors.

If you've ever tried out one of those metal baking pans, you'll know the flavor can be pretty nasty. Sometimes it feels like it permeates right through the cake and into your mouth. And no one wants that. RFAQK is here to save the day! We make round aluminum pans that will bake the tastiest cakes you've ever had. And they're completely non-reactive so none of those off flavors will get through, keeping your cakes as fresh as they can be!

Ditch your old rustic pans and upgrade to these awesome aluminum round pans!

RFAQK's set of two aluminum round cake pans is highly affordable and offers all the features you could possibly need in your baking arsenal. They are simply satisfying if you want something more than just your everyday baking pans with all the features like aluminum construction. The aluminum is very thick and holds up well. Our cake pan is designed to make the baking process easy, fun and hassle-free.