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About this product:

  • 100 Pieces Pre-Cut Liners: These 100 pcs silicon oil paper sheets by RFAQK are round in shape and come in at a perfect 18 cm diameter, fit nicely in the 7 inches cake pans.
  • Non stick material: The silicon oil coating ensures that the paper is non-sticky and easy to handle. Silicon paper can prevent your cake from burning on the bottom, just like a non-stick frying pan. 
  • Retains the moisture: These papers were designed specifically for baking—protects your precious dough or better from moisture, keeping it fresh. 
  • Versatile usage: Use them to line cookie sheets or cake pans before baking, They're also perfect for using in airfryers or wrapping up your homemade chocolate bars, sandwiches, and more!
  • Healthier cooking- Easy clean-up: The oil paper ensures moist environment for baking, and eliminates the need additional grease using butter. Keeping the cake from sticking to the bottom of the pan allows for easier clean-up.

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Ultimate baking accessory & the perfect baking sheet liner

The round diameter of 18 cm means these papers will fit in most standard baking pans, whether you're preparing a dish for a family of four or hosting a dinner party for ten guests. With these parchment papers from RFAQK, you won't have to worry about them breaking in the oven, even when baking at high temperatures. Be careful not to expose them directly to the heat. These silky smooth papers are the perfect complement to any kitchen. They're easy to use, and they cut right to the chase.

Baking without parchment paper is no fun at all!!

What are you waiting for? 100 pieces of 7-inch, round silicon oil paper will make all of your cooking dreams come true.  They'll never let you down, no matter how many times you use them, and no matter what you use them for—they don't get stiff or crackly when they get old. For round cake pans, RFAQK parchment paper liners are already cut into 7" circles, which eliminates any cutting or measuring requirements. Just keep using them until they're gone, then order another 100!

Just put parchment paper on – Skip unhealthy grease!!

Paper can be placed directly on a baking dish, pan or airfryer, allowing excess oil to drain away and food to crisp without burning. Making great pastry is about more than just good ingredients, it's about having the right tools as well. The thick paper is perforated on both sides to ensure fast and even baking - plus, silicon oil prevents sticking and giving your pastries an even finish every time. Put it at the bottom of the pan and pour the mixture, dough or pastry on top.

 No measuring or cutting is needed!!

Baking disasters are common. From cake collapses, biscuits crumble to brownies stick to the pan. However, with silicone paper, it is much less likely. Silicone paper provides a nonstick surface for cakes to release easily from the pan, as well as giving an extra crisp top to your pastry. Releasing cakes from the pan easily makes cake making so much easier.