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100 Pcs Disposable Plastic Bags (12-inch)

$1,199.00 $12.99

About this item: 

  • Adjustable Plastic Bags for You

Unlike other products, the RFAQK 100 pc plastic bags are adjustable and easy to use. The elasticity of these bags prevents them from bursting and spilling. Decorate everything you want Just put the cream in these bags and decorate as you mean it.

  • Toxic-Free and Safe Plastic Bags

The toxic-free plastic bags from RFAQK are a thing nowadays. The BPA-free LDPE plastic is perfect for icing your varying eatables. The bags fulfill hygienic protocols to provide you with healthy food. Use these non-toxic bags to eat and stay healthy.

  • Easy Crafting Without Tips

Unlike other products, the RFAQK disposable bags ensures even icing without using any tips. Don't worry about cutting irregular tips just swirl the cream and put it in the bag. Craft your favored design on the cake and enjoy the party.

  • Decorate with Anti-Burst Plastic Bags

The anti-burst plastic bags are ideal for icing varying eatables. The thickness and flexibility of plastic bags allow you to shower the cream over the cake. The pressure will not damage the bag and your cake is ready for rocking your party.

  • Firm Grip with Comfortable handling

The sturdy and anti-burst plastic bags of RFAQK allows you to hold and embellish the dessert with perfection. The thick plastic bags will not slip away and does not stop the icing process. Beautify your cake and enjoy the party.

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Forget the Glued Bags, Upgrade to These Non-Sticky Plastic Bags

Often when you buy these plastic icing bags, they are glued to each other in the packing. When you try to separate them they will get wasted. Don't waste your money and get these non-sticky disposable bags. You can separate these bags quite easily and avoid wasting them. These bags are extremely durable and you can handle them quite comfortably in the kitchen.


Melt the chocolate, Fill it in the Bag, and Have a Choco Blast

Disposable plastic bags are thin usually and can not handle melted chocolate for icing. The chocolate is stuck in the bag or the bag will burst after some time. Our sturdy disposable bags are ideal for icing with melted chocolate. You can decorate cakes, cookies, pastries, etc with chocolate through these bags to treat the taste buds of your loved ones.

Dump the Toxic Bags, Use the LDPE Disposal Plastic Bags for a Healthy Treat

Unlike some low-end products that use substandard material in the making are toxic and not suitable for health by any means. Just dump these bags and upgrade to the LDPE disposable bags with quality and a hygienic treat. The LDPE plastic bags are safe to use and BPA-free and you can use them without hesitation.


Easy Refill, Durable, and Piping without Bursting


LDPE disposable plastic bags are in huge demand and individuals are loving them. These bags are safe to use and do not burst like other plastic bags. With maximum flexibility these bags allow you to refill your favorite mixture in the same for icing. The cream will not stick to the plastic and you can do piping on the cake seamlessly. You can put maximum pressure to push the cream downwards while icing and the bag will not tear.