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Set of 8 Measuring Cups and Spoons

$23.00 $11.90

About this product:

  • Spoons for precise measurement: This set of 8 measuring cups and spoons, weigh 79 gm to 37 gm, so you can use them to measure solids or liquids, and it's easy to find the right amount of sugar or flour for any recipe. 
  • Measure ingredients easily: This Set is the perfect gift for any cook who loves to experiment with new recipes. Non-slip handles so you don't have to worry about spilling your ingredients while measuring them out.
  • Improve your recipes: These are great for baking or cooking at home, you no longer have to go back and forth between measuring cups and spoons while you're working on a project! Each cup has a different color so you can easily keep track of what goes where.
  • No signs of cheap materials: They're made from PP plastic, with none of that weird low quality material that makes your food taste funny. And they'll last forever—so you can use them every day, every week, and even every month without having to worry about replacing it.
  • Dishwasher safe & easy to store: You'll be able to use these measuring cups and spoons for a long time without worrying about the material degrading or melting. It's also dishwasher safe so you can just toss them in after use and you're good to go!

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Helps get the same flavor every time when you measure

You've got your eye on a measuring cup set, but you're not sure which one to get. Maybe you should go for the set that has a range of measurements? Would it be useful if a measuring cup set included a range of sizes that could be used in many situations? This 8-piece set by RFAQK is perfect for measuring everything from small amounts to large amounts and everything in between. Plus, so it can stand up to wear-and-tear and last longer than other products on the market!

Makes "recipes" more accurate, like butter in bulletproof coffee!!

Our measuring cups and spoons are safe for use with all types of food, even eggs! This set is made from PP plastic, no matter what type of meal you're whipping up at home or how many ingredients you need to measure out, these kitchen essentials will get the job done without worrying about cross-contamination between ingredients.

Handles & edges crafted with care

The set has been designed to be versatile. They feature a comfortable handle that makes them easy to use even when your hands are wet or greasy from cooking. The handles also make them easy to store in an upright position in your kitchen cupboard, no more digging around in the back looking for your favorite one!

As they're plastic, they're durable and hold their shape.

If you're tired of buying measuring cups and spoons that are so flimsy they bend and don't fit into any container, this is the set for you. These RFAQK measuring cups and spoons are made from high-quality stainless steel, so they won't rust, chip, or break. They're also extra deep, making them easy to handle and measure ingredients easily. You can make any recipe with ease, whether it's a traditional family favorite or something new!