Large Plastic Food Storage Containers -28 PCs Food boxes

Large Plastic Food Storage Containers -28 PCs Food boxes

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BoxCave is working on helping you make the best purchasing decision. Our team of experts spends hundreds of hours in analyzing, testing, and researching products so you don't have to go anywhere else. Our goal is to provide you with unbiased, accurate information so you can make the best purchasing decision for your family, without wasting your valuable time and money.

The Best one among them is Food Containers Set 

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Over 11% of the World Population is Hungry, Let’s Save Food!

The struggle behind food reaching our table is for real; still, the leftovers are dumped quickly. The irony is it is all done in the name of healthy eating and inadequate measures to store food. BoxCave, understanding the problem, came up with an apt solution.

This 28pcs Food Storage Container Set is a rather safest option available for all sorts of foods. The 100% BPA-free material covered with an airtight lid keeps your food fresh and healthy around the clock. So next time, you are done eating, store food for good. 

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14 Storage Containers to Serve, Pack, Preserve, Freeze & Microwave Food

BoxCave 28pcs Food Storage Container Set comprising 14 Containers of different sizes and their lids take care of your food in every possible way. Whether it’s about serving it right on the table, packing it for kids lunch, or even freezing it for the weekend, this container set does all that you need. Not to forget, simply reheat your food as it’s microwave safe too. 

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No Leaks or Stains, Even if you are Traveling on Train

Once stored, nothing comes out of it; the smart hinge lock system makes containers airtight, whereas the removable silicone seal prevents all sorts of spills and leaks. All this gives you the freedom to put these food containers in your backpack wherever and whenever you go.

Space-Saving Technology – Nesting & Stacking

We understand that your kitchen or handbags are not spacious enough for a standard food container holding your meal. At BoxCave, we have this space-saving design to stack multiple containers on each other without worrying about them getting slipped. At the same time, when empty or clean, you can easily nest them in each other.

Reinforced Lid Cover to Ensure Food Safety

The food container lid acts as a proactive shield against bacteria and sudden slips falling on the ground. That’s when it’s manufactured in a robust manner to last long. At the same time, snap-lock takes care of spills and leaks. Consequently, all this enhanced protection requires a little force to lock the food storage container.

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Container Sizes:

  • 1*8.11 oz Rectangular Container
  • 1*16 oz Rectangular Container
  • 1*33.8oz Rectangular Container
  • 1*50.72oz Rectangular Container
  • 1*84.53oz Rectangular Container
  • 1*13.52oz Round Container
  • 1*27.05oz Round Container
  • 1*50.72oz Round Container
  • 1*77.77oz Round Container
  • 5*1.35oz Round Sauces Box Container

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