Double Sided Door Draft Stopper (USA)

THE BEST DOUBLE SIDED Door Draft Stopper Under Door Seal Weather Stripping for Interior/Exterior Doors - (USA)

THE BEST DOUBLE SIDED Door Draft Stopper Under Door Seal Weather Stripping for Interior/Exterior Doors - (USA)

Authored By Faraz Yasin

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Door Draft Stopper is known for endless benefits Since ages and that’s what our experts have got for you in the form of this set. 

Purchase your product and explore the best features with our list of the top-Quality Door Draft Stopper.

UNIVERSAL SIZE AND FIT: Double sided door draft stopper is 38 Inches long with 5cm diameter foam and covers door gap at most 1.5 Inches high. Door draft stopper perfect fit for interior and exterior door to make bottom door well sealed. Draft stoppers work on all sizes and materials, including wood, glass, metal, plastic and more. The innovative design is strong and stays in place

EASY INSTALLATION: 1) Attach the foams rods using the adhesive tape. 2) Cut the foam to your door’s length. 3) Insert the foams into the double-sided cover.4) Slide the door draft under the door. The door sweep can be easily move with the door and glides over smooth floor, may not work well on rough ground. It can be quickly cleaned by machine, no more hand wash, save your time and free your hands.

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MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Under Door Light stoper is soundproof, dustproof and windproof. Provide insulation and security by sealing your door bottom, stop the cross of hot and cold air, help you reduce electric cost to save you energy and money.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The door weather stripping comes with Nylon Cotton cover and high-quality foam, which is to be inserted in the cover. These door stoppers can be easily detached and very easy to clean.

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