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Piping Tips Guide for Beginners

by Faraz Yasin 22 Sep 2022
Piping Tips Guide for Beginners

Here is something very exciting for you! If you are fond of baking and cake decorating then you are in the right place.

 We are here to give you an ultimate guide through the best decorating piping tips.

 In this blog, we will introduce you to the best piping tip families. Like flowers, leaves, stars, rounds, petals, and much more. We will also cover how to decorate our cakes by using these tips. 

You can give a dream life to your cakes and cupcakes by using these tips and nozzles. Once you completely understand how to use piping tips and bags your game is on.

 You can cover any kind of cake, and decorate it with different flavors of buttercream and icings on your special occasions and birthday parties. 

Different types of piping Tips 

Piping tips have many different shapes and designs. You can easily choose the best designs and sizes for your cake decorating journey.

Plain piping tips 

Plain piping tips are used for writing something on your cakes, filling gaps, and covering lace work. 

Star decorating tips

Star baking tips are best for beginner decorators. Usually, these star tips are used to make cute and elegant star designs on your cake and cupcakes. 

These star designs will cover your cake borders beautifully and fill the gaps perfectly. 

French star piping tip

French star piping tips are used to create shells and they can also be used to add different kinds of icings on top of cupcakes. 

Cake icers 

Cake icers are also known as a tip a little bit larger and they are used to cover the sides and borders of the cakes. 

Round decorating Tips 

Round baking tips are usually designed for drawing lines and dots specifically because it has a round opening. 

You can give a perfect outline to your cookies, cakes, and cupcakes with these round tips. If you are using a larger round tip it will produce bigger dots and lines. 

Petal decorating Tip 

Petal tips are used to make beautiful flowers and cute petals for your cakes and cupcakes. You can also make ribbons and ruffles from this petal tip. Scallops can also be made by this piping tip. 

Leaf decorating tips 

Leaf decorating tips are specially used for making leaves around the flowers in different shapes and sizes, It gives life to your flowers on cakes and cupcakes. 

Specialty decorating tips

These tips are very unique, you can make the grass on your cupcakes and cakes by using these tips. It depends on the theme as well. 

The grass tip is the most popular. It gives the effect of fur to your cakes which is very good for the appearance of your cake. 

You can also decorate your cake with a basketweave or egg cupcakes theme by using this tip. 

You can give a smooth and fine texture to your cake by using a large Bismarck cake icing tip. It can also be used for filling cupcakes and different assorted pastries. 

 Metal or plastic piping Tip 

There are two kinds of piping tips, one is plastic and the other one is metal. Plastic tips are specially for beginners. Plastic piping tips come in standard sizes and shapes.

 These tips are not too expensive but if you take great care of them they can last too long. Metal tips are expensive and you have to take great care of these metal tips because they're more fragile than plastic tips. You have to wash them properly and store them accurately. 



Proper guide about how to wash piping tips

Most piping tips are stainless steel and dishwasher safe as well. You can wash your piping tips in warm water with soap or detergent. Rinse out properly and dry in a muslin cloth.

You can also use mini brushes to clean these tips which is the best idea for washing them properly inside out.

Before storing piping tips, make sure you are using tip cases to keep them clean and well organized.  

Types of Pastry /piping bags 

There are three types of piping bags: high grip/ soft piping bags and striping bags. 

High grip piping bags 

High grip Piping bags are microwave safe. They offer the best grip and they can be easily stored in a roll form. But they are highly expensive and there are no hanging loops with them. 

Soft piping bags/ disposable 

Soft piping bags are also  microwave safe and durable to use. You can cut them in any size. They also have no hanging loops. 

Striping bags 

You can easily pipe different colors of frosting through striping piping bags. It’s microwaveable and bigger than other piping bags. 

Reusable piping bags

Reusable bags are easy to use. These bags are leakproof and easy to wash as well. 

It's also named a polyester bag. The only bad thing about these bags is that they are slippery. 

How to use piping bags?

A little bit difficult but not impossible to fill up your piping bag with heavenly amazing buttercreams. Here is a trick I am sharing with you that you can do without even creating a mess. 

Just take a cup or glass, fit the piping bag in it with your desired piping tip then roll it out around the glass properly and add your buttercream into it and push inside with the silicone spatula. Now you are ready to pipe your frosting like a PRO!

What is a coupler?

Icing couplers are very easy to use and it's not compulsory to use in every decoration of the cake. 

It completely depends on your choice of which piping nozzle or tip you are using. 

Couplers are made of plastic and consist of two components, one is cylindrical and the other one is like a nut shape. It comes in many colors and shapes.

How to use a coupler

I’ll give you a proper guide step by step on how to fit a coupler into an icing bag and also show 

you how to secure a piping tip without any leaks. These are the main tools we need for this. 

  • Icing Coupler 
  • Disposable Piping bag 
  • Icing Tip 

Start dropping a cylindrical coupler into a piping bag and push the tip right front on it. 

By using a marker, you can easily mark the point on the top of the piping bag and cut it down with a scissor. Now you can push the coupler back to the piping bag, lift it up with the nut and screw it to the coupler in the piping bag. Now you are ready to fill up your piping bags with your favorite buttercream frostings. 

Tips and tricks for using piping bags and Tips 

  • If you want to enhance your creativity then you must use larger tips to decorate your cakes, fill up your donuts with frostings, meringues, and much more. 

  • There is a possibility that your tip must become blocked while piping or after piping. You can use the toothpick to release the lumps in the piping tip. 

It may be the reason because there are lumps in your frosting which can block your piping tip. To prevent blocking must sift the confectioners' sugar properly. 

  • The best advice is to have easy and smooth piping that does not overfill your piping bag. Most piping bags have a proper quantity line you must follow.

  • If you want two different color icings on the same cake or cupcake, you can easily make two piping bags and drop them in a larger piping bag with different icings and frost it with the desired piping tip. 
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