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Inspiring ways to decorate Christmas Cakes

by Faraz Yasin 22 Sep 2022
Inspiring ways to decorate Christmas Cakes

The winter season is full of warmth and happiness. The season comes with loads of energy and the urge to do a bunch of creative activities. The major attraction of winter is Christmas. Christmas has a lot to offer to millions of people around the world. These activities are full of fun, creativity, and enjoyment. The fun continues with decorating Christmas trees, making mouth-watering cakes for the table, and much more. There are numerous activities in which people take an interest to enjoy the event with their loved ones. In this article, we will discuss some inspiring ways to decorate Christmas cakes to make your eve memorable.


Christmas and Cakes


Christmas is incomplete without the yummy cake. People are crazy about them and take a keen interest in the preparations. The cake is mandatory and people try different methods and tricks every year to bring their decoration game to the next level. Cake decoration is an art and it's even more special if it is a Christmas cake. Here are some unique and quick tips that will help you to decorate your Christmas cake like a pro.

Rum Balls

Have you ever thought of yummy rum balls for your cake? If not then it is probably one of the best and easy ways to decorate the cake. The boozy chocolaty rum balls are easy to make and you can prepare them all by yourself. You just have to melt the chocolate and add your favourite booze to the mixture. Pour the hot mixture into small round containers with the candy sparkling on top. Put the mixture in the freezer and wait for 2-3 hours. The rum balls are ready, you can put them in cake layers or decorate them at the top as well. 

Sugar Cone Christmas Trees

Another inspiring way to decorate your cake is the sugar cone Christmas cake. It is super easy and you can prepare it quite comfortably. The ice cream cones with green fondant and icing on the top depict the snowy winter theme. It is so eye-catching decoration that kids and adults both will love them. You can place them on top of the white coconut cake. It will be a perfect delight for your Christmas eve.

Chocolate Cherry Mice

The chocolate cherry mice are the most unique and wonderful decorations that will make toddlers go bananas. The small chocolate mice on the top of the cake look stunning and delicious. Make a mixture of hot chocolate and dip cherries in it. Attach almonds and dry fruits to make them look like mice. Let the chocolate cool and garnish them on top of the cake and enjoy.

Candy Cane Shapes


Candy cane shapes are one of the most attractive decorations ideas to transform your cake. The method is extremely feasible and you just have to buy candy sticks. Gather all the candy sticks and heat them so you can mold them easily. You can make different letters, shapes, and characters from these sticks to put on the cake. Put your favourite design on the cake and enjoy.

Crunchy Candy Truffles

The crunchy candy truffles are a perfect idea for your Christmas festivities. The candy will change the appearance of your entire cake and amaze everyone. The candies are moulded and dipped into the hot chocolate with candy sparkles and other edibles. You can put them in layers or at the top of the cake as per your requirements and enjoy.

Cake Gemstone Candy

Cake gemstone candy is the ideal method to add charm to your cake. The candy gemstones are the crunchy truffles stuffed with the cake inside. They look like precious gemstones and are tasty as well. You can add your favourite color and edible sprinkles to them. Put them at the top of the cake and enjoy.

Bubble Sugar

Bubble sugar is a wonderful decoration idea that you can use on multiple eatables. It is quite an easy method that is prepared by melting and cooking sugar. The sugar turns into a bubble and you can make different shapes. You can add different colors as well and put the sugar bubble of your favored shape on the top of the cake and enjoy.

Red Velvet Cake Truffles

The red velvet cake truffles transform the cake beautifully with their snow ball-like structure. The creamy texture in velvet truffles with chocolate and icing on the top is a treat to your taste buds. You can use red sprinkles to decorate these velvet balls as well. Place them at the top of the cake and serve your loved ones.

Marshmallow Fondant 


Marshmallow fondant is unique and it is easy to make. You can make it quite comfortably at your home without any assistance. The fondant is ideal for covering and decorating cakes. You can place it on the top of the cake with your favored design and colors. Serve and enjoy with your friends.

Broken Glass Candy

Broken glass candy is a unique and eye-catchy decoration that we can do on different eatables, especially cakes. The hard candy looks like broken glass pieces that you spread over the cake to make it look unusual. Try spreading different colors over the cake to transform your cake. Serve the broken glass candy and enjoy it with friends.


Fondant Petals 

The fondant petals cake is adorable and looks like rose petals are sprinkled all over the cake. It is easy to make and you will get it done in minutes. Add red color to the fondant and shape it like rose petals. Just mold the fondant from different sides to male them like petals. Decorate the cake and treat your taste buds.

Gingerbread Cookie 

Gingerbread cookie cake is a mouthwatering recipe that you can use on Christmas. The process is full of fun and you can ask kids to help in the preparation process. Take out the cookie cutter and cut the cookies with them. Place the cookies at the top and enjoy it with your loved ones.

Candy Cane Reindeer Cake

Christmas is incomplete without reindeer and it gets more interesting if you see reindeer on the Christmas cake. The candy cane reindeer is easy to make and you have to put the candy canes on the top of the cake. Decorate it further and make it look alike reindeer. Serve the yummy cake on the table and enjoy it with your loved ones.

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